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Grandtully and Strathtay Conservation Trust

Grandtully and Strathtay Conservation Trust is a company limited by guarantee (Scottish Company Number SC340142) and was incorporated on 25 March 2008. The company is a Scottish Registerd Charity (Charity No SC041842). The company’s Articles of Association sets out the company’s purposes, powers, limit of liability, membership, meeting, voting and director requirements. The Scottish Ministers have given the company written confirmation that they are satisfied that the main purpose of the body is consistent with furthering the cause of sustainable development. The company was originally called Strathtay Community Company.

The company was originally formed to benefit the community of Strathtay Village by empowering the community to take decisions to determine its own future and contribute to the sustainable development of the village.

The company was formed after members of the community recognised the need for local people to have more control over issues affecting the village and more choice in how their needs are met. Most of the village are ordinary members.


At the AGM on 4 August 2009, the company agreed to change it's name to Grandtully and Strathtay Conservation Trust, recognising its ties with the neighbouring village Grandtully and as a result of the designation of the Grandtully and Strathtay Conservation Area.

 The companies current activities are:

  • To assist in preserving or enhancing the character and appearance of the Grandtully and Strathtay Conservation Area following the principles of sustainable development
  • To explore and apply for funding which is available to community organisations for enhancement opportunities within the Conservation Area
  • To maintain the community body interest in land (registration no CB00090) under the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 and to explore ideas and funding opportunities for the land should the right to buy the land ever be triggered
  • To maintain the company's website and to encourage member interest in the website
  • To cooperate and assist Mid-Atholl, Grandtully and Strathtay Community Council.


Membership is open to all and the company encourages all those living in Grandtully and Strathtay to become Mill Stonemembers.  The strength of the community company will lie in the number of its members. Membership is free and those living in and registered to vote at postcodes PH9 0PG, PH9 0PJ, PH9 0LX, PH9 0PL and PH9 0PP are entitled to vote at general meetings, elect directors and stand for election as directors. The company also encourages individuals and organisations that are outwith the village boundaries but consider themselves friends of Grandtully and Strathtay to become associate members as they can play an equally important role in benefiting our community. The Company is funded through voluntary donations and local fundraising.  There is currently no fee for membership. If you would like to join, please download the appropriate form below and email the completed form to

Ordinary Membership

Associate Membership

Junior Membership


Please feel free to contact the company by email at or any one of the directors. The directors are Peter Hounam and Lesley Whitwood. The co-opted director is Jean Adams

Director Nomination Form



General Meeting 12 May 2008

AGM 4 August 2009

EGM 4 May2010

AGM 16 October 2010

AGM 1 November 2011

AGM 22 November 2012

AGM 21 November 2013

AGM 20 November 2014

AGM 15th December 2015

AGM 5th December 2016

Draft Accounts 31 March 2017


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